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Quinne-MCClusky simplification

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    I was asked to simplify this logic expression using Quinne-Mcclusky algorithm:


    need help!

    thanks in advance!
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    What is the Quinne-Mcclusky algorithm, specifically? Can you summarize it please? Thanks.
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    This sounds like a HW problem.. If it is.. there is a place to post
    EE homework.. just follow the hyperlink.. Try to delete your duplicate post on this page, just select edit and delete. (you may be able to delete both of them and then you can post under homework questions) If you cannot delete your posts here, just ask an administrator and they will move it..

    Regarding your question, there is something else you need to be aware off.. Read this thread.. Before any of us can assist you or anyone, you need to show your work and thoughts on a problem.. When we see that you are trying, we can help steer you in a successful direction..

    If this is just a general question that you have been pondering.. You still need to show your thoughts on it first.. Then I would start helping by asking you, What do you know about the Quinn McCluskey method? What sort of applications have you already used or oberved it used on?

    edit: You see, I am not the only one who would start you off with a question...:wink:
    (also check your spelling of the method before doing a search on the net)
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    Anyway, i've tried to solve this problem by myself, but unfortunately i've got the same logic expression:surprised so I couldn't simplify my logic expression using that method....I was some confused about simplifying such logic ABC'+A'B'D as each term consists of three variables of four , I have no problem with simplifying logic expression such as ABCD'+A'B'CD as each term consists of four variables of four... hope that I could explain my problem... my problem is not with understanding the method in general !

    thanks a lot!

    Another thing, i want to apologize for the wrong post in wrong section...i'm sorry!

    best regards!
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