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Quit an internship?

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    Hey guys, I need some advice... So I'm doing research with a professor in my university's physics department and I really want to quit, is this a terrible idea for my future? I'm going into my senior year as a physics BS with a 3.38 gpa. Last summer I had a pretty good internship that I stuck through, and I am going to end up being a supper senior so I will have another chance at research next summer.

    Any insite would be greatly appreciated
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    Why do you want to quit? Quitting for anything but an exceptional reason is certainly not going to help your case for graduate school or future employment prospects.
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    Because I feel like what I'm doing is pointless and I would rather be enjoying my summer than sitting in a windowless office typing on mathematica all day long. Plus my boss assumes I know WAY more than I should for my level of student and I can't understand the grad student that I can ask for help cuz he is middle eastern and has a heavy accent. Pretty much just hating everything so far this summer and I want to make the best of it, I feel like the best way to do that would be to quit and get a different job for the remainder.
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