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Quiz #4 - Part 1 Gokul

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    Part 1 - Winner neutrino

    Instructions for Round 1:

    # All clues are anagrams (words/phrases/sentences with the letters rearranged) of the names of famous scientists/mathematicians.

    # The numbers in brackets [x,y] tell you the number of letters in the first and last names.

    # Punctuation used in the clues are only for aesthetic value, and do not appear in any way in the people's names.

    # Answers must have the complete (as specified by the numbers in brackets) name.

    EXAMPLE: Contains awe! [5,6]

    Answer: Isaac Newton

    Will not accept: Newton, my pal Isaac, ol' Newtie...
    Will accept: Issac Newton, Isaac Nweton ... (minor typos, misspellings will be forgiven)

    [Gokul43201] 12:18 pm: #1
    [Gokul43201] 12:18 pm: Acid Hermes [10]

    [neutrino] 12:18 pm: archimedes
    [Gokul43201] 12:18 pm: neutrino: Correct
    [turbo-1] 12:19 pm: archimedes
    [Evo] 12:19 pm: wow
    [Gokul43201] 12:19 pm: #2
    [Gokul43201] 12:19 pm: Net elite brains [6,8]

    [Hurkyl] 12:19 pm: Albert Einstein
    [Gokul43201] 12:19 pm: hurkyl: correct
    [Andre] 12:19 pm: wow indeed
    [fuzzyfelt] 12:20 pm: brilliant
    [Gokul43201] 12:20 pm: #3
    [G01] 12:20 pm: Hello
    [Andre] 12:20 pm: Hi GO1
    [Gokul43201] 12:20 pm: Carnal red wish [7,6]
    [marlon] 12:21 pm: charles darwin
    [Gokul43201] 12:21 pm: marlon: correct
    [Andre] 12:21 pm: way to go marlon
    [G01] 12:21 pm: wow nice, im bad at these things...
    [Gokul43201] 12:21 pm: #4
    [Gokul43201] 12:21 pm: L = nh is bore [5,4]

    [neutrino] 12:22 pm: neils bohr
    [Andre] 12:22 pm: niels Bohr
    [turbo-1] 12:22 pm: neils bohr
    [humanino] 12:22 pm: Niels Bohr
    [marlon] 12:22 pm: niels bohr
    [Hurkyl] 12:22 pm: bah
    [neutrino] 12:22 pm: good reference to nh
    [Gokul43201] 12:22 pm: neutrino: correct
    [Gokul43201] 12:22 pm: #5
    [Gokul43201] 12:23 pm: Fermi had cranny [7,7]

    [Hurkyl] 12:23 pm: michael faraday
    [Gokul43201] 12:23 pm: no
    [neutrino] 12:23 pm: super
    [Hurkyl] 12:23 pm: nope
    [neutrino] 12:23 pm: oh
    [Gokul43201] 12:24 pm: Clue coming up...
    [Gokul43201] 12:25 pm: Not Quod Erat Demonstandum...the other one

    [neutrino] 12:25 pm: richard feynman
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: Hootenanny has left at 12:25 pm
    [Gokul43201] 12:26 pm: neutrino: correct
    [Andre] 12:26 pm: okay
    [Gokul43201] 12:26 pm: QED = quantum electrodynamics
    [G01] 12:26 pm: nice...time for lunch, i'll keep watching, since im better at that then solving them
    [Gokul43201] 12:26 pm: Okay, can we have the scores please
    [Evo] 12:27 pm: neutrino 3, hurkyl 1, marlon 1
    [marlon] 12:27 pm: pffff
    [Kurdt] 12:27 pm: well done neutrino
    [marlon] 12:27 pm: QED/QFT/QCD/QHD
    [neutrino] 12:27 pm: thank you, kurdt
    [Gokul43201] 12:27 pm: Okay - 5 more questions in my round
    Gokul43201] 12:27 pm: then onto Kurdt
    [Gokul43201] 12:28 pm: Ready?

    [Andre] 12:28 pm: ok
    [turbo-1] 12:28 pm: ready
    [Evo] 12:28 pm: yep
    [neutrino] 12:28 pm: yes
    [Gokul43201] 12:28 pm: #6
    [Gokul43201] 12:28 pm: L. E. had one ruler [8,5]

    [marlon] 12:29 pm: leonard euler
    Hurkyl can't type.
    [Andre] 12:29 pm: euler
    [humanino] 12:29 pm: waow
    [fuzzyfelt] 12:29 pm: euler
    [Gokul43201] 12:29 pm: marlon: correct
    [fuzzyfelt] 12:29 pm: sorry pressed that by accident
    [Gokul43201] 12:30 pm: #7
    [Gokul43201] 12:30 pm: Re: I quench rebel [5,9]

    [marlon] 12:30 pm: Henri Becquerel
    [Gokul43201] 12:30 pm: marlon: correct
    [neutrino] 12:31 pm: ah...Iknew it had something to do with radioactive decay
    [fuzzyfelt] 12:31 pm: brave, especially know that he existed, napping now
    [Gokul43201] 12:31 pm: #8
    Andre] 12:32 pm: See ypi Fi
    [Gokul43201] 12:32 pm: P.S.: A thing, he knew! [7,7]
    [Hurkyl] 12:33 pm: Stephen Hawking
    [Hurkyl] 12:33 pm: I couldn't find the S.
    [Gokul43201] 12:33 pm: hurkyl: correct
    marlon] 12:33 pm: good one
    [Gokul43201] 12:34 pm: Last two
    [Gokul43201] 12:34 pm: coming up

    [turbo-1] 12:34 pm: I was thinking kenneth
    [fuzzyfelt] 12:34 pm: meant bravo before, btw, ypi is?
    [humanino] 12:34 pm: I'm more impressed by the anagrams themselves, but you guys are definitely good at this
    [Gokul43201] 12:34 pm: #9
    [Evo] 12:34 pm: these are tough
    [Gokul43201] 12:35 pm: O (i.e., a solvent in air) [7,9]
    neutrino] 12:35 pm: anton lavoisiere
    [Andre] 12:35 pm: wow
    [neutrino] 12:35 pm: i know it's a big typo
    [marlon] 12:35 pm: antoine levoisier
    [Gokul43201] 12:35 pm: neutrino: correct
    [humanino] 12:35 pm: that's not his name
    [neutrino] 12:35 pm: but absolutely wonderful clue
    humanino] 12:36 pm: I must admit that's really impressive. His name was "Antoine" though
    Gokul43201] 12:36 pm: Last one...and the worst clue of them all....
    Gokul43201] 12:36 pm: #10
    [Gokul43201] 12:36 pm: U snort th' reefer, Dr.? [6,10]
    [Gokul43201] 12:38 pm: Clue coming up...
    Gokul43201] 12:39 pm: He had a thing to say about philately (approximately)

    [turbo-1] 12:39 pm: Ernest rutherford
    [Gokul43201] 12:39 pm: turbo: correct
    [neutrino] 12:39 pm: nice
    Andre] 12:40 pm: nice work Gokul
    [neutrino] 12:40 pm: for a moment I thought t' hooft
    [Gokul43201] 12:40 pm: Scores, please?

    [Evo] 12:40 pm: neutrino 4, marlon 3, hurkyl 2, turbo 1

    Gokul43201] 12:40 pm: Good game people....
    [Gokul43201] 12:40 pm: that's the end of Round !
    [Evo] 12:40 pm: Great game gokul!!
    [neutrino] 12:40 pm: that was great
    [humanino] 12:41 pm: how do I get the previous messages I missed ?
    [Gokul43201] 12:41 pm: ...now onto Round 2 with Kurdt
    [Kurdt] 12:41 pm: xcellent anagrams as always
    [Evo] 12:41 pm: Congrats neutrino!!
    [marlon] 12:41 pm: why do i always end up second best ?
    [Gokul43201] 12:41 pm: Kurdt, the chatroom floor is yours
    [Evo] 12:41 pm: INTERMISSION
    [Hurkyl] 12:41 pm: with /backtime 3 (or 5 or 1 or whatever)
    [neutrino] 12:41 pm: thanks, evo
    [fuzzyfelt] 12:41 pm: fantastic quizz, gokul, congrats neutrino, marlon, hurkyl, turbo
    [Evo] 12:41 pm: INTERMISSION
    [Hurkyl] 12:41 pm: with /backtime 3 (or 5 or 1 or whatever)
    [neutrino] 12:41 pm: thanks, evo
    [fuzzyfelt] 12:41 pm: fantastic quizz, gokul, congrats neutrino, marlon, hurkyl, turbo
    [Andre] 12:41 pm: well done indeed
    [humanino] 12:41 pm: ah thanks !
    [neutrino] 12:41 pm: and congrats to marlon, hurkyl and turo
    [neutrino] 12:41 pm: turbo
    marlon] 12:42 pm: what's Kurdt gonna do ?
    [Evo] 12:42 pm: I have to go to the bathroom
    [Hurkyl] 12:42 pm: I feel silly with michael faraday. L wasn't even in the letters.​
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    Re: Quiz #4 - Part 2 Kurdt

    Part 2 Winner - Hurkyl

    [Kurdt] 12:42 pm: Ok guys, I just have 10 science based trivia questions that will follow the same format
    as the previous weeks.

    [Andre] 12:42 pm: just wait for Evo
    [Evo] 12:42 pm: NOT YET
    [neutrino] 12:43 pm: I wasn't here during previous weeks...could you please tell me the rules if they differ
    substantially from the Gokul's quiz?
    [Kurdt] 12:43 pm: They're very easy since I only had an hour to get them together, and I'm not starting yet I'm just explaining
    [neutrino] 12:43 pm: oh, okay
    [Kurdt] 12:44 pm: rules can be found here
    [Evo] 12:44 pm: ready
    [Kurdt] 12:45 pm: https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=1813286&postcount=1
    [neutrino] 12:45 pm: thanks...checking it out
    [marlon] 12:45 pm: gotta go peeps
    [Gokul43201] 12:45 pm: RULES

    1. Members in the quiz room should not carry on any conversation while the quiz is running nor seek
    any clarification over the questions.
    2. Members should use white font only and refrain from using italics or bold.
    3. Members will be permitted only one chance at answering each question. Members giving more than one answer will be disqualified from that question even if one of their answers is correct.
    4. The first member to answer the question correctly as determined by what
    [marlon] 12:45 pm: ciao, this was fun
    [marlon] 12:45 pm: bye
    [Andre] 12:46 pm: bye Marlon
    [Kurdt] 12:46 pm: bye marlon
    [Gokul43201] 12:46 pm: # is displayed on the chat screen will receive 1 point. I will acknowledge the answer by typing "{PF member} correct".
    # There will be a time limit of approximately 1 minute after the question is displayed. If there is no correct answer I will reveal it and that question will then be closed. If I've started typing when someone answers and the chat shows that correct answer before my revealed answer, then they will receive 1 point for the question. All answers after the reveal, correct or not, wins
    [neutrino] 12:46 pm: bye, marlon
    [Gokul43201] 12:46 pm: # There will be breaks during the quiz after each set of ten questions.
    # Have fun

    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: marlon has left at 12:47 pm
    [Gokul43201] 12:47 pm: Think I got them all...

    [Kurdt] 12:47 pm: Then I shall begin with question 1 as is traditional

    [Kurdt] 12:48 pm: 1. Which planet appears brightest to the naked eye?
    [Hurkyl] 12:48 pm: Venus
    [Andre] 12:48 pm: venus
    [Evo] 12:48 pm: whoa
    [neutrino] 12:49 pm: depends on the time :P
    [Kurdt] 12:49 pm: Hurkyl correct
    [Hurkyl] 12:49 pm: Oh, I thought I missed that up and you were going for the trick question.
    [Gokul43201] 12:49 pm: Not earth?
    [Hurkyl] 12:49 pm: (Earth being the brighest, of course)
    [Kurdt] 12:49 pm: told you they were going to be easy this week
    [Kurdt] 12:50 pm: no tricks honest
    [Kurdt] 12:50 pm: question 2
    [Andre] 12:50 pm: okay
    [Kurdt] 12:51 pm: 2. In which US state is the Keck telescope?
    [turbo-1] 12:51 pm: arizona
    [neutrino] 12:51 pm: hawaii
    [Kurdt] 12:51 pm: neutrino: correct
    turbo-1] 12:52 pm: good job neutrino- jumped the gun
    [Kurdt] 12:52 pm: 3. Which apes natural habitat is restricted to Sumatra and Borneo?
    [Andre] 12:52 pm: Urang utan
    [neutrino] 12:52 pm: orangutan
    [Kurdt] 12:53 pm: andre: correct
    [Kurdt] 12:53 pm: forgiving spelling due to language barriers
    [Kurdt] 12:53 pm: 4. Other than the Australian mainland the Platypus is native to where?

    [neutrino] 12:53 pm: tasmania
    [Kurdt] 12:54 pm: neutrino: correct
    [neutrino] 12:54 pm: whoa...that was a fluke
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: turbo-1 has left at 12:54 pm
    [Gokul43201] 12:54 pm: nice
    [Gokul43201] 12:54 pm: what happened to turbo?
    Kurdt] 12:54 pm: I'll wait to see if turbo reappears since he has terrible fortune with this chat
    Andre] 12:55 pm: yes he was kicked probably
    [Kurdt] 12:55 pm: just a couple of minutes though
    Gokul43201] 12:56 pm: I think turbo was thinking about the LBT when he answered Arizona
    neutrino] 12:56 pm: az is so full of telescopes, he could've been thinking about any of them
    [Kurdt] 12:56 pm: quite possibly Gokul
    Hurkyl] 12:56 pm: I would imagine Arizona has clear air and clear skies, it seems a reasonable guess even if you didn't know of any telescopes. (Hawaii too!)
    [Gokul43201] 12:57 pm: New Jersey too
    neutrino] 12:57 pm: yes, great viewing conditions to watch your neighbour
    [Gokul43201] 12:57 pm: lol andre
    [Kurdt] 12:57 pm: Ok lets continue
    [Kurdt] 12:58 pm: bit too long for being kicked
    [Kurdt] 12:58 pm: question 5
    [Kurdt] 12:58 pm: 5. In the human body the 'carpal' bones are found where?Hurkyl] 12:58 pm: wrist
    [Andre] 12:58 pm: hand
    [Kurdt] 12:58 pm: Hurkyl: correct
    [neutrino] 12:58 pm: fingers
    [humanino] 12:58 pm: arm
    [neutrino] 12:58 pm: ah
    [humanino] 12:58 pm:
    Gokul43201] 12:59 pm: body
    [Gokul43201] 12:59 pm: damn, too late!
    [Kurdt] 12:59 pm: 6. Which element of the periodic table has a name that derives from the Latin for charcoal?
    [neutrino] 12:59 pm: carbon
    [Kurdt] 12:59 pm: neutrino: correct
    [Kurdt] 1:00 pm: 7. If you are suffering from epistaxis what is wrong with you?
    [humanino] 1:00 pm: nose bleeding
    [Kurdt] 1:00 pm: humanino: correct
    [Kurdt] 1:01 pm: 8. For what work did Einstein receive the Nobel Prize in physics?
    Andre] 1:01 pm: brwon motions
    [Hurkyl] 1:01 pm: Photoelectric effect
    [neutrino] 1:01 pm: photoelectric effect
    [humanino] 1:01 pm: everything exept relativity
    [Andre] 1:01 pm: brownian
    [Kurdt] 1:01 pm: Hurkyl: correct
    Kurdt] 1:02 pm: 9. Beriberi is a disease caused by a lack of which vitamin?
    [Andre] 1:02 pm: C
    [humanino] 1:02 pm: D
    [Hurkyl] 1:02 pm: B12 (guess)
    [neutrino] 1:02 pm: b2
    [fuzzyfelt] 1:03 pm: A?
    [Gokul43201] 1:03 pm: C = scurvy
    [humanino] 1:03 pm: H !
    [Gokul43201] 1:03 pm: ?
    [Kurdt] 1:04 pm: It was vitamin B1
    [Gokul43201] 1:04 pm: D = rickets?
    [Hurkyl] 1:04 pm: I think that's all of us. (Except G01)
    [neutrino] 1:04 pm: damn!
    Hurkyl] 1:04 pm: Hey I said B1! (I just put another number after the 1 too.... )
    [Gokul43201] 1:04 pm: B12-B2=B1?
    [Kurdt] 1:04 pm: lol nice try
    [Kurdt] 1:05 pm: last question
    [Andre] 1:05 pm: right
    [Kurdt] 1:05 pm: 10. Which metallic element has the symbol W, standing for wolfram, which was an old name for it?
    [Hurkyl] 1:05 pm: Tungsten
    [Andre] 1:05 pm: tungdten
    [neutrino] 1:05 pm: tungsten
    [humanino] 1:05 pm: ungsten
    Kurdt] 1:05 pm: Hurkyl: correct
    [humanino] 1:05 pm: tungstanate
    [Evo] 1:05 pm: andre 1, hurkyl 4, neutrino 3, humanino 1,
    [Kurdt] 1:06 pm: There we go and that ends a very gentle quiz
    [Evo] 1:06 pm: hurkyl wins!!!
    [Andre] 1:06 pm: thanks Kurdt nice works
    [Evo] 1:06 pm: That was great Kurdt!
    humanino] 1:06 pm: Thanks again, that was great as always :approval:
    [neutrino] 1:06 pm: thanks, kurdt... that made me recollect high school bio and chem
    [Kurdt] 1:06 pm: I think Gokul's was fantastic
    [Gokul43201] 1:06 pm: tungstanate = WO2
    [humanino] 1:07 pm: PbWO4
    Andre] 1:07 pm: In Dutch W is Wolfraam too
    Kurdt] 1:07 pm: yes you can tell the science questions in english pub quizzes favour astronomy biology
    and the periodic table
    Gokul43201] 1:07 pm: Kurdt, what's the etymology for carbon/charcoal
    [Gokul43201] 1:07 pm: ?
    [humanino] 1:07 pm: that's true Gokul, we had a discussion whether we should call it Lead Tunsten, Lead
    Tungstate, or Lead Tungstanate...
    Kurdt] 1:08 pm: charcoal was carbo in Latin
    Gokul43201] 1:08 pm: carbo! thanks
    Kurdt] 1:08 pm: as far as I am aware
    [fuzzyfelt] 1:08 pm: I know carbonara means charcoal workers dinner
    fuzzyfelt] 1:08 pm: or something like that
    [Gokul43201] 1:08 pm: oooh, nice!
    Evo] 1:09 pm: Great quizzes ! Thanks to Gokul and Kurdt!!
    [Kurdt] 1:09 pm: Thanks Gokul for the first quiz
    [Gokul43201] 1:09 pm: As the name is derived from the Italian word for charcoal, some believe that the dish was first made as a hearty meal for Italian charcoal workers. Others say that it was originally made over charcoal grills. Still others suggest that it is so named because the specks of bacon and pepper in the pasta look like bits of charcoal. It has even been suggested that it was created by the Carbonari ("charcoalmen"), an Italian secret society.
    [General Chat]: turbo-1 has entered at 1:09 pm
    [Kurdt] 1:09 pm: I love your word games
    [Gokul43201] 1:09 pm: from Wiki
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: turbo-1 has entered at 1:09 pm
    [Gokul43201] 1:10 pm: Thanks kurdt for Round 2
    [Andre] 1:10 pm: to bad Trubo
    [fuzzyfelt] 1:10 pm: Wow!!
    [Andre] 1:10 pm: but welcoem back
    [Evo] 1:10 pm: Congrats to neutrino and hurkyl!!!
    Kurdt] 1:10 pm: aww turbo I waited but you were gone too long
    [turbo-1] 1:11 pm: I had to leave Andre. It was very frustrating to see the question and correct answer(s) appear at once in a board update.
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    Good job Evo! :smile:
  5. Aug 5, 2008 #4
    did you write some program to do all this?

    wayy too much work!
  6. Aug 5, 2008 #5


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    No, it's all copy and paste. The risk of getting knocked out of chat means that I must copy and save every 2-3 lines to limit the amount of lost posts.

    Which is why I can't participate in the quizzes.
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    The chat's pretty empty right now, but if enough people show up I'll make another short Science related word game (with a different format).
  8. Aug 18, 2008 #7


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    Evo, could you PM me the transcript, if you have it?
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