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Quiz #5

  1. Aug 17, 2008 #1


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    Thanks to Gokul for putting together areally fun and interesting quiz today!!!

    Andre was today's quiz winner!!

    [Gokul43201] 1:15 pm: Okay folks, let's play: HIDDEN SCIENCE
    [Gokul43201] 1:15 pm: RULES:
    [Gokul43201] 1:15 pm: 1. All answers are fairly common scientific terms (nothing highly specialized)
    [Gokul43201] 1:16 pm: 2. The answer is found hidden (embedded) in the clue
    [Gokul43201] 1:16 pm: 3. The clue additionally tells you something about the answer (example coming up)
    [Gokul43201] 1:16 pm: EXAMPLE: Stop lane turns around the cosmos
    [Gokul43201] 1:17 pm: Answer: PLANET - StoP LANE Turns around the cosmos

    cristo] 1:17 pm: planet
    [Andre] 1:17 pm: ingeneous
    [Gokul43201] 1:17 pm: Does everyone get how that works?
    [Doc Al] 1:17 pm:
    [Doc Al] 1:17 pm: cristo cheated
    [cristo] 1:17 pm: I think Doc's confused
    [Evo] 1:17 pm: cool
    cristo] 1:17 pm:
    [Kurdt] 1:17 pm: yes
    [Doc Al] 1:17 pm: what else is new?
    [Gokul43201] 1:17 pm: What's up Doc?
    [Doc Al] 1:17 pm: I'm ALWAYS confused.
    [Gokul43201] 1:20 pm: 4. Only one guess per person
    [Gokul43201] 1:20 pm: 5. You must guess the longest scientific term hidden in the clue

    George Jones] 1:21 pm: always consecutive letters?
    [Gokul43201] 1:21 pm: Yes!
    [Doc Al] 1:21 pm: no bible codes, I hope
    [Gokul43201] 1:21 pm: 6. The answer must not be any of the words used in the clue or any word directly derived from them
    [Gokul43201] 1:22 pm: e.g., If the clue has the word RENORMALIZED in it, the answer can not be NORMALIZE.

    [cristo] 1:22 pm: ok, so the answer must span at least two words
    [Gokul43201] 1:22 pm: End of rules
    [marlon] 1:22 pm: cristo is intelligent
    [Doc Al] 1:23 pm: I'm not convinced
    [cristo] 1:23 pm: oi!
    [cristo] 1:23 pm: i can tell your sarcasm, marlon
    [Gokul43201] 1:23 pm: Cristo: not necessarily. The answer could be hidden in a single word but have nothing to do with that word
    [cristo] 1:23 pm: oh right, ok
    [Gokul43201] 1:23 pm: For instance, if the clue has the word EMULATE in, the answer may be EMU
    [cristo] 1:24 pm: got it
    [Doc Al] 1:24 pm: or mula
    [Evo] 1:24 pm: ahahaha
    Andre] 1:24 pm: or late?
    [Doc Al] 1:24 pm: how many question, Gokul?
    [Kurdt] 1:24 pm: knowing this forum it will probably be ate
    [Evo] 1:24 pm: bad example Gokul
    [marlon] 1:25 pm: confusing
    marlon] 1:25 pm: can't emu be derived from emulate ?
    [Gokul43201] 1:25 pm: Okay, if nobody gets it in about 1 minute, I will reveal the answer.
    [Doc Al] 1:25 pm: cristo's got it, move on
    [Gokul43201] 1:25 pm: I've got about 15 questions
    [Gokul43201] 1:25 pm: Ready all?
    [Gokul43201] 1:26 pm: Also note: any punctuation used in the clues are purely for aesthetics and serve not structural purpose
    [Gokul43201] 1:26 pm: Q1
    [Gokul43201] 1:26 pm: In Apr. I smear sunscreen on my sides

    [Doc Al] 1:26 pm: prism
    [cristo] 1:27 pm: nice
    [Gokul43201] 1:27 pm: Doc Al - correct
    [Gokul43201] 1:27 pm: Q2
    [Gokul43201] 1:28 pm: Standard protocol lid eruptor and smasher

    [Doc Al] 1:28 pm: collider
    [Kurdt] 1:28 pm: #$%^&*
    [Gokul43201] 1:28 pm: Doc - correct
    [Andre] 1:28 pm: coll almost
    [turbo-1] 1:28 pm: collider
    [Gokul43201] 1:28 pm: Q3
    [Gokul43201] 1:29 pm: Charge trio, nice bond!

    cristo] 1:29 pm: ion
    [Andre] 1:29 pm: ion
    [cristo] 1:29 pm: ionic
    [cristo] 1:29 pm: damn!
    [George Jones] 1:29 pm: ionic bond
    [turbo-1] 1:29 pm: ionic
    [Gokul43201] 1:30 pm: Giving it to George
    [Doc Al] 1:30 pm: genius
    [Andre] 1:30 pm: Hi Cyrus
    [Gokul43201] 1:30 pm: Cristo went twice
    [Gokul43201] 1:30 pm: George - correct
    [cristo] 1:30 pm: yea i know, sorry
    [Cyrus] 1:30 pm: cristo is a cheater
    [turbo-1] 1:30 pm: bye, all. 5-10 sec updates are killing me
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: Kurdt has left at 1:30 pm
    [General Chat]: Kurdt has entered at 1:30 pm
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: turbo-1 has left at 1:30 pm
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: Kurdt has entered at 1:30 pm
    [Andre] 1:30 pm: sorry Cyrus in the middle of the quiz
    [Gokul43201] 1:30 pm: Cyrus - you need to be in white
    [George Jones] 1:30 pm: cyrus, you're too colourful
    [Kurdt] 1:31 pm: where am I?
    [Cyrus] 1:31 pm: lol, I'm gonna leave you guys to your game
    [Cyrus] 1:31 pm: I'll be in general chat
    [Gokul43201] 1:31 pm: Q4
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: Cyrus has left at 1:31 pm
    [Gokul43201] 1:32 pm: Hmmm....something's not working
    [Gokul43201] 1:32 pm: okay, back on...
    [Gokul43201] 1:32 pm: Q4
    Gokul43201] 1:32 pm: Aha! Moe baked the little critter.

    [Andre] 1:33 pm: anmoegbe
    [Doc Al] 1:33 pm: ameoba
    [Andre] 1:33 pm: amoebe that is
    [marlon] 1:33 pm: amoeba
    Gokul43201] 1:33 pm: Andre - correct
    [Kurdt] 1:33 pm: who got question 3?
    [Doc Al] 1:33 pm: huh?
    [cristo] 1:33 pm: GJ
    [marlon] 1:33 pm: huh ?
    [Gokul43201] 1:34 pm: will pardon typos
    Kurdt] 1:34 pm: nothing I was kicked just wondering if my answer registered before hand
    [Doc Al] 1:34 pm: typoes don't count??
    [Andre] 1:34 pm: I typed too fast
    Doc Al] 1:34 pm: lol
    [marlon] 1:34 pm: anmoegbe ?
    [Gokul43201] 1:34 pm: Q5
    [Gokul43201] 1:35 pm: Propel a sticky rubber band

    [Kurdt] 1:35 pm: elastic
    [Andre] 1:35 pm: elastic
    [Doc Al] 1:35 pm: elastic[COLOR=[COLOR="Black"][/COLOR]"Black"][/COLOR]
    [Gokul43201] 1:35 pm: Kurdt - correct
    [Gokul43201] 1:35 pm: Anyone keeping track of scores?
    [Doc Al] 1:35 pm: Evo?
    [Evo] 1:36 pm: Doc -2, Andre, Kurdt, george- 1
    [Gokul43201] 1:36 pm: Okay...back to the game...
    [Gokul43201] 1:37 pm: now it gets a lit harder...

    [Doc Al] 1:37 pm: only a lit
    [cristo] 1:37 pm: uh oh
    [Gokul43201] 1:37 pm: yes, a wee bit
    [Gokul43201] 1:37 pm: Q6

    [Evo] 1:37 pm: eeek
    [Gokul43201] 1:37 pm: Antisymmetrically transfer MI onto another state
    marlon] 1:38 pm: fermi
    [Doc Al] 1:38 pm: metrically
    [Andre] 1:38 pm: fermion
    [George Jones] 1:38 pm: fermion
    [cristo] 1:38 pm: fermion
    [Gokul43201] 1:38 pm: Andre - correct
    cristo] 1:38 pm: (doc doesn't read the rules..)
    [Gokul43201] 1:39 pm: Doc's answer was too boring
    [cristo] 1:39 pm: lol
    [Doc Al] 1:39 pm: you think antisym, and metrically are derived?
    Doc Al] 1:39 pm: lol... I've give you that
    [Gokul43201] 1:39 pm: Q7
    Gokul43201] 1:39 pm: The rascal arranges things without any direction

    Andre] 1:39 pm: scalar
    [Kurdt] 1:39 pm: scalar
    [marlon] 1:39 pm: scalar
    [Kurdt] 1:39 pm: #$%^&*
    Doc Al] 1:40 pm: lol
    [Gokul43201] 1:40 pm: Andre - correct
    Andre] 1:40 pm:
    [Gokul43201] 1:40 pm: Q8
    [marlon] 1:40 pm: pff, quiz goes slow
    [Doc Al] 1:40 pm:
    [Gokul43201] 1:40 pm: Under my kingdom do trophy luminaries lie
    [Andre] 1:41 pm: phylum
    [Doc Al] 1:41 pm: #$%^&*
    [Gokul43201] 1:41 pm: Andre - correct
    [Doc Al] 1:41 pm:
    [marlon] 1:41 pm: what's phylum ?
    [Gokul43201] 1:41 pm: Q9
    [Andre] 1:41 pm: biology Marlon
    [Doc Al] 1:41 pm: green and smelly
    [Andre] 1:41 pm: super genus
    [Doc Al] 1:42 pm: that's funny
    [Gokul43201] 1:42 pm: Marlon - biology - scientific nomenclature: kingdon - phylum - class - order - family - genus - species
    Gokul43201] 1:42 pm: Next...
    [Gokul43201] 1:42 pm: Q9
    [Gokul43201] 1:42 pm: I'm not positive we can re-elect Ronald Reagan

    [Kurdt] 1:42 pm: electron
    [Andre] 1:42 pm: electron
    [Gokul43201] 1:43 pm: Kurdt - correct
    [Gokul43201] 1:43 pm: Q10
    Gokul43201] 1:43 pm: It's not platonic, Kelly! There's a magnetism between us.

    Doc Al] 1:44 pm: nickel
    [cristo] 1:44 pm: nickel
    [Quiz and Trivia (no chat)]: marlon has left at 1:44 pm
    [Gokul43201] 1:44 pm: Doc - correct
    [Gokul43201] 1:44 pm: Evo, can we have the scores again?
    [Evo] 1:44 pm: Andre 4, Doc -3, Kurdt -2, George - 1
    [Gokul43201] 1:45 pm: Okay, last five
    [Gokul43201] 1:45 pm: Q11

    [cristo] 1:45 pm: i can still win
    Doc Al] 1:45 pm:
    [Gokul43201] 1:45 pm: One more Act I, only with more new products
    cristo] 1:45 pm: action
    [Andre] 1:45 pm: reaction
    [COLOR="Red[B]"][Gokul43201] 1:46 pm: Andre - correct[/B][/COLOR]
    [cristo] 1:46 pm:
    Gokul43201] 1:46 pm: Q12
    [Andre] 1:46 pm:
    [Gokul43201] 1:47 pm: Caspar: a 'sit, eat and leave' kind of being
    [Doc Al] 1:47 pm: parasite
    [Andre] 1:47 pm: pasrasite
    [cristo] 1:47 pm: parastie
    [Kurdt] 1:47 pm: parasite
    [Kurdt] 1:47 pm: smeg
    [Gokul43201] 1:47 pm: Doc - correct
    [Gokul43201] 1:47 pm: Q13
    Gokul43201] 1:48 pm: John Madden at urethral protein, messes it up

    Andre] 1:48 pm: nature
    [Doc Al] 1:48 pm: natural
    [cristo] 1:48 pm: denature
    [Doc Al] 1:48 pm: that's the one
    [Gokul43201] 1:48 pm: cristo - correct
    Doc Al] 1:48 pm: finally!
    [cristo] 1:49 pm: haha!
    [Kurdt] 1:49 pm: I can't win any more
    [Kurdt] 1:49 pm:
    [cristo] 1:49 pm: i can
    [Andre] 1:49 pm: my symphaty
    cristo] 1:49 pm: k i c k
    [Gokul43201] 1:49 pm: Q14
    Gokul43201] 1:50 pm: Aztec lip seeks to smother heavenly body

    [cristo] 1:50 pm: eclispe
    [Doc Al] 1:50 pm: eclips
    [Andre] 1:50 pm: eclipsew
    [Gokul43201] 1:50 pm: cristo - correct
    [Kurdt] 1:50 pm: if only I hadn't been kicked for question 3
    [Kurdt] 1:50 pm: I'm not competitive though
    Doc Al] 1:50 pm: cristo's going to win!
    [marlon] 1:51 pm: i am going to win
    [cristo] 1:51 pm: if only
    [marlon] 1:51 pm: big dough, that's what i am winning
    [Gokul43201] 1:51 pm: Q15
    Gokul43201] 1:51 pm: Basically, talk a little less

    marlon] 1:51 pm: alkali
    [Doc Al] 1:51 pm: alkali
    [Gokul43201] 1:52 pm: marlon - correct
    [marlon] 1:52 pm: i won
    [marlon] 1:52 pm: YESSSSSS
    [Doc Al] 1:52 pm: damn--forgot to press enter...lol
    Andre] 1:52 pm: you are good Marlon
    [cristo] 1:52 pm: excuses excuses
    [marlon] 1:52 pm: forgot to press enter ?
    [marlon] 1:52 pm: me too, only 14 times
    [Andre] 1:52 pm: it's okay cristo
    [Gokul43201] 1:52 pm: Okay, I've got one extra question...
    marlon] 1:53 pm: hit us
    [Gokul43201] 1:53 pm: It's worth 2 points if you get it correct, but takes away 1 point if you get it wrong
    cristo] 1:53 pm: oh no!
    [Andre] 1:53 pm: okay
    [Gokul43201] 1:53 pm: Everyone got that?
    marlon] 1:53 pm: exciting
    [Kurdt] 1:53 pm: yes
    Kurdt] 1:54 pm: can you make it worth enough so I can win
    [Gokul43201] 1:54 pm: Special Question 16
    Gokul43201] 1:54 pm: Spanish algae brags: "Ole! No I.D., no induction."
    Andre] 1:55 pm: solenoid
    [Gokul43201] 1:55 pm: Andre - correct
    [Kurdt] 1:55 pm: yeah I got that
    [cristo] 1:55 pm: yea yea
    [marlon] 1:55 pm: forgot to press enter
    [Andre] 1:55 pm:
    Doc Al] 1:55 pm: me too... forgot to press enter
    [Gokul43201] 1:55 pm: I was hoping someone would take the "algebra" bait
    Andre] 1:55 pm: right
    [marlon] 1:55 pm: andre already knew the answer
    [marlon] 1:55 pm: lame
    [marlon] 1:55 pm: pfffff
    Kurdt] 1:55 pm: algae bras
    [Andre] 1:56 pm: of course Marlon
    [Doc Al] 1:56 pm: depends on how liberal the "spelling doesn't count" rule goes
    [Gokul43201] 1:56 pm: Evo, can we have the final scores?
    marlon] 1:56 pm: i just pm-ed me
    [Evo] 1:56 pm: Andre 7, Doc -4, Kurdt -2, George - 1, cristo - 2, marlon - 1
    [marlon] 1:56 pm: marlon 14, andre 1
    [Gokul43201] 1:56 pm: Last question was worth 2 points for Andre
    Doc Al] 1:56 pm: sweet
    [marlon] 1:56 pm: sorry, marlon 14, andre 1.5
    [Doc Al] 1:56 pm: very clever, Gokul... thanks!
    George Jones] 1:56 pm: congrats Andre
    [Gokul43201] 1:56 pm: Good game Andre.
    [Andre] 1:56 pm: okay it was funny
    [Andre] 1:57 pm: thanks
    [cristo] 1:57 pm: cheers Gokul, that was fun
    [marlon] 1:57 pm: i got an additional question
    [cristo] 1:57 pm: well done Andre
    [George Jones] 1:57 pm: thanks
    [Evo] 1:57 pm: great game Gokul!!!!
    [Kurdt] 1:57 pm: well done andre
    [Kurdt] 1:57 pm: Thanks Gokul
    [Evo] 1:57 pm: Congrats Andre!!!
    [Andre] 1:57 pm: yes indeed a nice quiz
    [Andre] 1:57 pm: thanks Evo
    [Gokul43201] 1:57 pm: Thanks for scoring, Evo.
    [Doc Al] 1:57 pm: Andre rules!
    [Evo] 1:57 pm: my pleasure
    Doc Al] 1:58 pm: let's tear this place apart
    [marlon] 1:58 pm: how long is the chinese wall ?
    [Andre] 1:58 pm: Sorry for amoebe that's how it is spelled here
    [Evo] 1:58 pm: all that typing takes something out of you
    [Doc Al] 1:58 pm: lol
    [Gokul43201] 1:58 pm: I'm off now...bye all
    [Andre] 1:58 pm: thanks Gokul
    [Doc Al] 1:58 pm: later, G-man!
    [Evo] 1:58 pm: bye Gokul!
    [cristo] 1:58 pm: cya Gokul.. go write a thesis!​
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
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    Sorry this took so long, I was in for repairs.
  4. Aug 20, 2008 #3


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    Send them to me :tongue:. Good job for only one finger though. :approve:
  5. Aug 20, 2008 #4


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    Thanks for doing this Evo. You could have just sent it to me, like I asked you to.
  6. Aug 20, 2008 #5


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    I didn't know that you had asked.

    If my arm isn't better Sunday and we have a quiz, someone else will need to make a transcript.
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