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Quiz difficulty

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    I got my results for the physics test which I wrote last week on electrodynamics. The bad part is that, I got 8 on 20. :frown: . The good part is that the highest was 9 and the class average was 4.3 :eek:

    The day before the exam, it was announced that, the quiz was to have 10 fill in the blanks and 5 multiple choice questions (the more than one answer may be right type) and the duration was for 50 minutes. Sounds easy? That's what I thought till I saw the paper. Every question was a full fledged problem, and we had to "fill the final answer in the blanks". The multiple choice was even worse, as each of the four options had to be separately worked out and verified. It would have taken atleast 90 mins to complete the paper! It was very demoralising, in the sense that, after a lot of hard work, you have very little to show for it. This is one experience that I would like to forget soon.
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    That's why I never bothered myself for a quiz! :tongue:
    1 thing that I noticed is that when I study less I am more relax my brain work very well and I usually get better result.:bugeye:
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    I read that some schools do that to kill the egos some students have.

    I'm sure it wasn't worth much.
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