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"cold fusion realized"

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    [SOLVED] "cold fusion realized"

    I overheard a discussion the other day and it correlated with something I saw on TV years ago.
    It was about "cold fusion realized." It made a lot of sense and now I am fascinated.

    What I saw on TV revealed a science experiment where the teacher sprayed a single fine mist of some treated water into a tube, which had some treated screens inside the tube. The mist passing through each screen expanded more until at about midpoint it atomized and whooshed out the other end quickly enough to thrust a cotton ball out six feet. I am looking for more info on this experiment. Has anyone ever heard of it? The treatment apparently included various alloys for the screens and rare earth elements for the water. Any lead would be appreciated. ===mike===
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    I haven't heard of that specific experiment, but to me it sounds like a catalyst reaction, not cold fusion (which has yet to be attained if it is possible at all).

    I'd guess that the chemicals in the treated water are reacting with the treated screens and forming some sort of a gas very rapidly. That causes the pressure to build up in the tube which fires the cotton ball.
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    "cold fusion", oops.. maybe it was that ol' diffusion thang...

    Thank you Enigma,

    for the insight about the cold fusion realized.

    The actual conversation I over-heard was nothing more than a couple of guys chatting over coffee in the next booth at a restaurant. None the less, I think you are right. Maybe what I overheard in the restaurant was the word "diffusion" or "that ol' diffusion thang", now that you mentioned how it may have worked.

    One would think that there should have been an electrical charge to the screens, but thinking back, I don't recall any wires connected to the clear tube I saw on TV. I'm sure there could have been a battery involved, I guess.

    I remember how it was explained as though it was not something new, but I have not been able to find anything over the net regarding it.

    I guess it has become a little challenge of my own to find it now. If i find it, I'm let ya know. If you find it before me, would you be so kind to..?

    Any more insight would be greatly appreciated.. And I do thank you again........

    Kind regards............. ===mike===
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    Re: "cold fusion", oops.. maybe it was that ol' diffusion thang...

    hmmmm I am going on the clues you have given, clue one treated water? clue two a tube? clue three a metal in the tube? clue four a reaction at the other end?

    My conclusion is that the water was a form of hydrogen peroxide most likely concentrated the tube may of been in the form of a rocket chamber and the metal was silver mesh. The reaction was the H2O2 turning into h2o, the reaction is quick and causes heat that instantly will turn the newly formed water into steam and exit out the other side depending on the shape of the tube. The only thing that will leave the tube will be water or water vapor. Silver is a catalyst of hydrogen peroxide.
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