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Qus on Chemistry for a Physics Major

  1. Nov 4, 2009 #1
    Hi, i'm a freshman Physics major heading planning for my second semester (starting sophomore physics b/c of APs yay!) Anyway, I was planning out my next 3 years based on the outline my school gives for physics majors heading to Graduate school, and I figured if I take two maths and two physics classes a semester, I can complete a double major with at least 9 credits left (assuming my research takes up 6 credits, the max). For the most part, I'll only be taking 16/15 credits per semester (except for three when I'll be taking 18/18/19). Anyway, I was figuring that with the 9 credits I have left over, I should take Graduate level classes.

    However, one of the classes they recommend is the first half of intro to chem, which will take up at least 5 credits. For ppl that are going to graduate school, is chem really necessary? I mean, I don't expect it to be difficult, but i don't really want to be taking 20 credits per semester or sacrifice graduate courses. After all, if I really need to learn chem, wouldn't opencourseware suffice? Also, how many credits do math/physics majors usually take per semester?
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