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Homework Help: Qustion about surface tension

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    Hi, how can found Bashforth-Adams table(.xls or .doc or .txt,PC's doc),to calc surface tension!Thanks!
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    Of which liquid do you wish to determine surface tension?

    Values are usually tabulated for specific liquids and thermo-mechanical conditions, e.g. http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/SurfaceTension.html

    There are articles on the subject -

    Toshihiro Tanaka, Klaus Hack, and Shigeta Hara: Use of Thermodynamic Data to Determine Surface Tension and Viscosity of Metallic Alloys, MRS Bulletin, 24(4) (1999) p.45.

    The calculation of surface tension for simple liquids
    M V Berry et al 1972 J. Phys. A: Gen. Phys. 5 166-170

    But they must be purchased.

    There is some discussion here - http://fwnc7010.leidenuniv.nl/cis/presentations/joris.pdf, but it's not the best.
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    I want to code a program ,its can search Bashforth-Adams table ,and calc curvature radius、surface tension,but,I have not full Bashforth-Adams table on hand,so I want to find it on web.My exam is static drop method,I want to measure the tension of multicomponent mixture and mental in high temperature!!!

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