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R/C Car Project

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    Hi there, this is my first time opening a thread here, i have heard a lot about this site, and how usefull the people are on this site, so plz help me out.

    For my summative in Physics, i need to talk about physics about R/C car, so right now, i have a few questions, please bare with me, i m a total newbie, when it comes to electricity.

    1) What is the difference between AC/DC and how does it matter in R/C cars ?

    2) what are the components on the the R/C circuit of a R/C car?

    3) Difference between series/parrallel circuit, and how do they matter in R/C cars?

    4) What detemines the speed of the car ?

    thats it for now, plz guyz help me out.
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    sorry, mods just learned that no homework questions here, so plz move the thread,
    Sorry once again
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    How an electric DC motor works.


    Select Chapter 9.5.
    Scroll down to the links at the bottom of the webpage.
    Got to the two links:
    What Spins an Electric Motor
    DC Motors​

    in that order (use the back button on your browser or the Contents link at the bottom of the page to navigate back)

    Feel free to post your questions here about these links.

    Which means that the speed can be regulated by the supply voltage, but I would guess in real RC cars the speed is changed with a gearbox between the motor and the drive train.
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    Thank you to both of you, for providing me with links, i m gonna read through the links, and if i have any questions, i ll ask you guyz again, thanks a lot again.
    take care.
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