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R for statistics software

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    Hi all,

    I've been asked to learn how to use the R for statistics software at work. I know "basic" stats theory such as linear/multiple regression, t-tests, ANOVA etc, and have used other software packages such as Excel, SPSS, but never R. Can anyone recommend any good books/websites to get me started?

    There appears to be quite a lot of resources of the official R website but having looked there it seems they assume a reasonable level of knowledge to start with. What I really need is an "R for dummies" type of resource. Can anyone suggest anything?

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    if you have a good level of theoretical statistic, you can already begin with the introduction of viraltux
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    i would just learn a bit about the different data structures, and how to input data. whenever you want to do something specific, just google it or ask on a forum. R is pretty high level so most things are just one-liners. just learn it as you go.
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    In addition to books (online or otherwise), consider loading R Commander (Rcmdr). It's an R package which gives you a graphical interface to R, intended to give students an assist in learning R. When you select an action from R Commander's menu, it executes the action and also displays the R code for that purpose.
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