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R.I.P. John Wheeler

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    Big loss to physics..he should have been given Noble prize..i don't know why he was not given Noble prize yet?...but the world will always remember him for introducing the word "Black hole"...
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    Before logging in, I always check out the SciAm listings on the right side of the screen. To my utter dismay, I saw an obituary for Dr. Wheeler. A true giant has fallen.
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    That is very sad. I picked up a book not but a few weeks ago that he and Edwin Taylor collaborated on. Exploring Black Holes; Intro to GR.
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    Rest in peace, sir. He was one a true genius. One of the last giants of physics. :(
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    That is sad news, I have read some of his work.
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    Those are great links, Rob. My apologies that I was unaware of them. I don't visit the 'Beyond the Standard Model' thread or read blogs. Very nice coverage.
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