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R Parameter Programming in CNC

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    I am currently doing a course on CNC Programming (GCode, MCode and also APT Programming). The course is almost over and we are going to have an Exam at the end. The Exam is mostly writing programs but would also have a few theory questions. One of the questions asked in previous exams has been to describe "R Parameter Programming".

    In regular CNC programming, We have used Rcodes for radius and also for canned cycle Reference height. Googling I also found that some Siemens machines have something called R Parameter Programming which seems to be some kind of macros(Not sure).

    In general, does "R Parameter Programming" mean something specific for CNC Programming, or is this an ambiguous question?
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    I only know the use of R for a radius so I can't directly help. If you do get an answer though, please post back.
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