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R we alone?

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    It’s unconceivable and ignorance which makes us as a society think "Are we the only life forms in one of many universes".
    I have but only one conclusion "I think NOT!"

    Great question!
    Dx :wink:
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    We are all Alone togther.
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    our mind is alone
    but our body is not...:wink:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The odds appear to be significantly in favor of a populated universe. To me it is inconceivable that we are alone. There are just too many galaxies out there. If the SETI crowd were to detect an alien transmission, assuming that we can decipher the information, and assuming that we eventually detect something beyond a simple beacon, what would you hope to get? What kind of useful information would you hope to receive? I'm holding out for 3 million year old alien sit-coms.
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