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Rabbit TV

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    I just acquired this magic jack looking device called Rabbit TV


    Its a USB device that you plug into your laptop that's supposed to get you thousands of free TV channels. I read some online reviews that didn't look so hot. So I don't want to plug it in until I do more research.

    Anybody have one of these and care to comment?
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    If you bought it, you've been ripped off.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/technology/co...s-links-to-websites-4209833.php#ixzz2S3raVb6i
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    I know my Roku player has lots of free TV station channels. I enjoy streaming live Al Jazeera. The Roku is like $50 though.
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    I got the Roku too, its great. I use it for netflix though. How do you get the free TV stations.

    I bought it from Walgreens but it hasn't been opened yet, so I'm gonna take it back and use the money to buy some tabloids so I can catch up on how Snookie and the "situation" are getting along.
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