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Race between Bon Jovi and Kurt Kobain

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    Bon Jovi challenges Kurt Kobain to a five mile car race. Kurt Kobain commences the race at a constant speed of 22 miles per hour. Bon Jovi waits precisely three seconds after Kobain has traversed 3/5 mile and starts his car, covering every xth mile at the rate of 5/2*3^x miles per hour. Who is the winner of the race?
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    Bon Jovi wins.

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    From what I understand Kurt Kobain gets a little more than a 3/5 of a mile head start over Bon Jovi (3/5 + Kurts distance traveled in 3 seconds = head start).

    From the time Bon Jovi starts to the time Kurt Kobain finishes is about 11.983 minutes.

    Bon Jovi travels the first mile at 7.5 mph, 2nd at 22.5, 3rd at 67.5, 4th at 202.5, 5th at 607.5

    To travel 5 miles it takes BonJovi 11.951 minutes.

    Bon Jovi wins by almost 2 seconds.

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    Is this a trick question? Just 'cause Cobain's dead, and wouldn't be able to keep his foot on the accelerator too well.
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    Thait is why I named him Kobain not Cobain:tongue2:
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