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Race car.

  1. Jul 23, 2004 #1
    A man or woman is racing for their lives. They need to win. But they cannot speed as fast as the other cars. Now the person won't win. Unless when the race ended, they got to keep the winnings and act in full as if they sped full on in the race.

    Survival of the fittest it seems is the key here. They don't break their car, lose gas/oil etc...

    Now if that person left the race, and the other racers left as well. But they were buzzing verbally, etc..., and you still had to go slower at all times. Bathroom, food, reading, even thinking.

    But the effect the racer had in the race was the same for their lives.

    Question. Is the tone the others have mean so much that you would forfit winning ?

    I would not like too. You ?
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    What are you trying to talk about here?
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    I raced dirt track cars for a few years..the "tone" around the pits was for the most part, vary friendly & helpful..however when the green flag waves the tone changes. then its, you better go fast or get the h... !! out of the way.others will run over you. wreck you shove & push, beat and bang tempers flair. friends are no where to be seen. I went to win. after the race was over friends are friends again...well sometimes.. :smile: I see the same thing in some peoples lives, even my own.. (its a race) and in the business world. is that what you are speaking of ???
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    1.) In order to live. You race. Ke ? See ? Now, you get paid to do so, and live off this. While doing this you look cool, even if you lose.

    2.) So, if you only have one car, and limited parts. You need to stay uncomplicated. You don't risk your life/lifestyle, on a rush with well setup competitors while racing.

    3.) This is cruel. 1.), 2.). But what you gonna do ? Are you gonna lose your funding for life/living, and a acclaimed lifestyle. Just to feel stronger than your peers by winning ? Or are you gonna get by just living and living well at that ?

    4.) Now what if you had to do this throughout every decision you made (speech, influence, entertainment, etc...) ? You would lose your style for substance if you wrecked your ride/wheels/style.

    Question. Would you live well fed and supported. Or with risk and ruin ?

    You get my question now ? Ke ?
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    I would never join the race if I were you.
    I don't and will NEVAR join any of such a race.
    I am having a driving test this summer, a Japanese license since my previous international one is out of date.
  7. Jul 26, 2004 #6

    Deniel;but I'm having fun in "both" races. on and 'off ' the race track...lifes a ball..... when in doubt stand on the gas!!. and live life to the fullest. :rofl:
  8. Jul 27, 2004 #7
    It's a matter of compromise. Not really a black & white scenario where there is "drive fast, break your car, and win" or "drive slow, keep your car, and lose." You only crop food as fast as it can grow, not as fast as you can eat it. If you can afford gas/tires/oil and other basic maintenance then you can compete. If you can afford to push your limits, or if you have incredible skill, or a little of both, then you might win. You must recognize your resources and know how fast you can afford to go, and not go faster even if it means losing the race. When you realize this point, that winning generally depends on resources and not on skills/abilities, then winning becomes less important and merely competing becomes the focus. As long as you do your best and compete with everything you can afford to exert, I think you should be satisfied with it. Otherwise, you will force yourself into something you'll regret.
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