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Race line in CFD

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    I want to model a race track in CFD. This is so I can figure out the best racing line.

    Is it as simple as finding where the fluid flows fastest, and thus showing the best racing line?

    I know its a little over the top, but its for a go cart track I race on, and I want to know how to get around it the fastest. I am a couple of seconds of the track leader/record holder, and sure that technology can give me an edge to make 2 seconds up on a 57 second record track.

    I have Ansys Suite software at home, but at University i have a few other CFD suites, so any ideas on the best software, and the best way to go at this problem, albeit trivial and a bit of fun.

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    Unfortunately fluid flow doesn't approximate 'the racing line'. In reality this depends on a whole load of things, none of which have got anything to do with fluid flow (braking rate, acceleration rate, cornering speeds, other cars etc).

    Nice thought though.

    If you want to find out how to go faster round the track, take some professional tuition and get practicing.
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    As brewnog mentioned, CFD is really not what you're looking for. The best line around a track I would assume would be a function not only of the track, but of the vehicle as well. I would guess this is much more a dynamics issue, and less a fluids issue.

    Could CFD be performed of a vehicle traveling around a track? Sure. However, the effort that would take would be tremendous. I mean....huge.
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    Ranger Mike

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    i agree.. best bet is to pick a day you can tune and test and experiment on best way to " diamond" the track..note you "marks" when practicing..once you get best lap times , remeber the " marks" ( where you turn in, brake, accelerate coming off the corners)
    practice makes perfect
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    Like any racer test and tune is best for results, shortest way around (most efficient path) would be your objective. In addition to what was mentionded earlier, you must also look at track temperatures, tire compunds, tire pressures, weight transfer, engine power & gearing, and ambient air temperature. Since your engine will produce more power and torque at cooler temps you have to make sure your tires are doing what they should be doing. Do you check your tire temps after hot laps or practices?

    What kind of track is this by the way?
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    This question is fundamentally wrong from the get-go. What do you mean, 'find where the fluid flow is fastest' on a race track? The fluid doesn't flow anywhere....it is quiescent. You need to rethink the question you're asking here....everyone has missed a very basic fundamental point.
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    Actually no.

    Not the shortest, but rather the fastest is the objective :)
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    Ranger Mike

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    The question was asking how to find the BEST RACING LINE...and I think we answered it..
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