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Race Terminology

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    When people speak of the fact that Mongoloids have higher spacial IQ than Caucasoids, what groups do these terms refer to? As I have heard Arabs described as Caucasoid, and Thais and other south east asians are mongoloid.
    Now clearly the Arab has a lower IQ than a European, so if the arabs are described as caucasoid, then this lowers the caucasoid IQ, and makes the Europeans look bad. What is the relationship between south east asians and Europeans?
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    East Asians are supposed to have somewhat higher iq scores than whites, according to those believing in iq studies. And South East Asians and Arabs somewhat lower.

    Note that civilization was created in Iraq and Egypt. Agriculture, metal working, writing, laws and mathematics was not created first in Europe. For most of human history, Europe was a "developing country". As late as the medieval ages, Arabs had a far more advanced civilization. Mathematics, chemistry and medicine was developed while some crumbs slipped to the primitives in Europe.

    There has been a simply enormous increase in iq scores during the previous century in the western world, maybe due to improved nutrition, maybe similar to the increase in average height. The average iq score in the US and UK was below 75 before this.
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    Generalized discussions on IQ in relation to race have a bad reputation on this forum. This topic will be locked.
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