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News Racism and Islamophobics in USA.

  1. Apr 18, 2004 #1
    What is this all about? I just found this. Any more information?
    It seems that the newcon's strategy is to speed up 'fear and hate' inside US. Violence inside US will bring motives for a 'tougher' Patriot Act.


    U.S. Radio 'To Apologize' For Islamophobic Skit

    Handel's show came under fire and drew the chain's apology for the slurs

    WASHINGTON, March 17 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) - The U.S. largest radio chain is to apologize on air for an Islamophobic skit that claimed Muslims have sex with animals, avoid bathing and are obsessed with killing Jews, an official of Clear Channel Communications station KFI said on Tuesday, March 16.

    In the March 10 Bill Handel show on the station, a pretend "Muslim" allegedly reading from the new Iraqi constitution refers to "hairy Iraqi women," "lovely Japanese schoolgirls," the "infidel custom of bathing on a regular basis," and "civil unions" between Iraqis and "loving camels and goats".

    Throughout the skit, the mock Muslim repeatedly stated "Allah be praised," "death to the Jews" and "kill all Jews."



    U.S. Muslims seek Pentagon probe on Iraq photo
    Soldier's sign says he killed boy's father, impregnated sister

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called for a Pentagon investigation of a photograph circulating on the Internet that apparently shows an American soldier mocking an Iraqi child.

    The photo sent to CAIR seems to be of an American soldier standing next to two Iraqi children who are giving the thumbs-up sign. One child holds a hand-lettered sign in English that reads: "Lcpl Boudreaux killed my Dad, th(en) he knocked up my sister!" ("Knocked up" is American slang for making someone pregnant out of wedlock.)

    See: http://www.cair-net.org/images/lcpl11.jpg

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    Yeah, this is what passes for good old American patriotism.
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    Lurkers & Spooks

    I would suggest that certain "Agencies" are in fact responsible for the origin of such material.
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    Well, it is Clear Channel.
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    I don't condone the bit, but in our ultra-PC society, you're only allowed to make fun of people exactly identical to yourself apparently.

    BTW, where did you guys stand on the free speech issue? Maybe I should go get some quotes from that thread and see how they match up in this thread...
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    Yes Russ ... please do.
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    After spending quite a bit of time in the middle east and Japan, I would have to say that the japanese schoolgirls weren't all that lovely.
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    give me a break russ, if any of your paranoid delusions were reality there would be no photograph to even speak about.
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    It's Clear Channel. As long as it isn't against Bush or about "bush" it is fine.

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    Can you guys fill this thread with anymore mind numbing rhetoric?
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