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    I grow up around a lot of white kids, so most of my friends are white, anyway....

    around where i live, whites hang out with whites (usually), asians with asians (i hang out with them too), hispanics with hispanics, etc. and one thing is really screwed up. we were at school, and there were these black kids that called me a chink, and called my friends stupid crackers and honkies, (i dunno why, guess they just dont like us or something) but then, after a while, we called them black ass holes, cuz its only fair (lol). then we all get into a huge fight, and then these teachers come and break it up. the other kids are saying that we called them "racial terms" and we said that they did too, but then, the teachers we're blaming us for calling them names back! and later on, we get in trouble, and they just get a warning... i know we shouldve kept our mouths shut, but then they called us things that are tons more worse!

    society is screwed up, and there is way too much reverse discrimination everywhere.

    and for the people who are gonna say, "oh, black people deserve more rights, because they were enslaved by the white man many years ago"

    but remember this, that was like 150 years ago, and my friends are german... germans came in like the 1900's, so my friend's ancestors didnt do anything...
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    Damn that, and affermitive action, for far too logn have peopel been afriad of beign raciest in simple actions
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    ur right, affirmative action is also wrong.. just cuz ur black or hispanic, u should get to get a better chance of getting into college? no u shouldnt
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    Did you physically fight, or verbally?

    No you shouldn't have kept your mouth shut, someone insults you, insult them back, assuming you know they won't knife/shoot you for it or something.
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    oh, verbally... fighting would then let them have a reason to sue, so i didnt attack.
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    Re: Racism....

    Considering equality of racial rights has only been legally gauranteed for a little over 30 out of the 208 years of constitutionally ratified legal slavery, it wasn't that long ago.
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    interesting comment from a guy with a signature that says

    "Official race member of the Crank Crushing Rednecks 24 hours of Adrenaline."
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    Yes, thankyou, Our team came in third. It was tongue in cheek, such is the culture of mountain bike racing. Some other team names....Five Dicks and a Chick, Four Straight Guys and Steve, The Inadvertant Tree Huggers. We were the only team on the podium with a woman (moi), black, hispanic, two asians etc. etc. It is a joke. It was such a nice play on a name with such a motley crew, besides, I didn't pick out the name.
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    hmm, jews were slaves for like thousands of years, does that mean that they should get more rights too?
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    Don't know how you presume I am completely pro- affirmative action since I am not.

    But since you bought that up. Some misconceptions need to be cleared up about it. The idea is basically that if a business is hiring fairly, the employee base should roughly look like that of the community. If a business is all white in a community that is 25% black, then there are probably grounds for at least looking into things. Now, people who don't have the brightest minds may have misread this basic idea as being "You must have X percentage of minority employees!" but anyone on any side of this issue who makes such a proclamation is simply not understanding the principle as it is intended.

    Affirmative Action is not, as it is often described, intended as "punishment" for white people. Rather, it's a way to use hiring and admissions procuedres to correct the lack of opportunities to a select group of people created by two centuries of hiring and admission procedures specifically designed to deny these people opportunities.

    Affirmative Action programs are not supposed to be permanent. Again, the idea is to take a group of people who have been denied opportunities that allow them to have the same success and give them those opportunities. It was a tool to accelerate desegregation. Jews were not denied entrance into schools or employment in our country that in any way approached the degree to which the blacks were exposed to. It was designed to redress one country's particular policies towards its minorities. Once this goal is completed, the programs are supposed to go away. It is good to see that the Supreme Court, although, not completely eliminating affirmative action, has begun to stress these limits on its use. I also think people forget that asians, women, and hispanics have inadvertantly fallen under the umbrella of "affirmative action" if one looks at an institution's desire for diversity. However, the Blacks have recieved all the negative connotations associated with it ie: Black man at Harvard is seen as posessing inferior qualifications compared to a Hispanic woman at Harvard.
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    A company hiring fairly shouldn't nessicarily have an employee base representitive of their community, they should hire the people who are best for the job. If the black people in community x waste their highschool career by drinking, smoking pot, skipping class and doing poorly in general, don't go to college or go to a poor college and don't do well, and the asians all join extra cirricular activities, study hard and do well in school in general, go on to reputable colleges and get good grades, why should anyone hire black people over asians, when the asians are clearly better educated and qualified for job x?
  13. Dec 11, 2003 #12
    Ok first of all i am not rasict one bit, i have asian, black, indian friends. My girlfriend is chinese and im white. Race doesn't mean much to me. But from my experience black people are the most racist people. (At least around where i live). If a black guy calls me a cracker or something, i don't give a damn, i will call him the N word. I don't see how the N word is any worse that cracker. That happend to me and my friends and all these black guys couldn't beleive that we called them that after they called us "Stupid White Crackers". Lots of black people still complain that their people where slaves, blah, blah, blah. It wasn't us who made them slaves, it was people that lived along time ago. The world has changed and everybody have the same rights as everybody else now. So get over it already! All the world problems these days are because of racism. Palestinians and Isralies, Almost every third world culture and americans. I just don't see the big deal. Why can't people just realize that we are all the same underneath our skin and religion. It's all bull**** to me. Argh, now im all pissed off....
  14. Dec 11, 2003 #13
    what people often forget is that no only blacks were slaves indians jews mexicans not just mexicans most enthinc groups are often inslaved in sweat shops slavery goes on in the world all the time i could think hundreds of names for every enthnic group not just including skin color people with different sexual prefrences are also commented on also i wanted to bring up the question (do u consider black history month to be racist)
  15. Dec 11, 2003 #14
    I find myself agreeing with you well on this one. It wasn't them that were made slaves, it was their ancestors. It wasn't us that made their ancestors slaves, it was our ancestors. So what's all the fuss about? Can't everyone just forgive eachother of the mistakes of their fathers? It seems minority groups are jumping whenever insulted, then run off accusing someone of racism.
    Something wrong with this picture?

    Though we should treat all ethnic groups as equals, that doesn't mean we should treat people that grew up in different cultures the same way. One of my more opened minded teachers went on about how people used to say they had to be "color blind." But that is just silly because you don't shake hands with someone that lives in a place where handshaking is an insult. See my point? Anyone can out loud point out someones hair color without trouble, yet pointing out skin color is unacceptable?
  16. Dec 12, 2003 #15
    The economy in america was failing until fall and the unemployment rate is still around 6% in america, was/is that due to racism?

    Muslims and jews never really liked each other, but the big cause for the palestine/isreal thing is due to the fact that isreal came in and took ****loads of palestine's land. Anyone who's had large chunks of their land taken over by someone else, no less highly important to the religion of the people who owned it before it was taken over, would be pissed off about it.

    You said you thought black people were the most racist and expect to be treated specially, yet you're saying they're the same as everyone else as well?
  17. Dec 12, 2003 #16
    I think the system should be entirely meritocratic. How far you go and what you succeed in should be determined only by your relevant qualities/traits/skills. If there are 100 positions and it so turns out (unlikely) that only 1% of whites in a 99% black community are suitable for the job for whatever reason, then those whites should get the job.

    Suppose, hypothetically, a domestic intelligence agency needs to infiltrate a white supremacist group which plans to use terrorism to achieve their goals. Affirmative action says they should hire a black agent for the job because they are short on the black:white agent ration at the moment. A meritocratic system says a white agent will have a better chance of success (duh?!). Can you see the absurdity here?

    As for the occasional reports you see floating around saying that the racial IQs are, in decreasing order: White, Hispanic then Black...hence the need for affirmative action...let me point out that affirmative action is really just inverse racism. "Lets fix racism by being racist." Duh...again. If you can't make the grades then tough luck...its nothing personal about your race. All affirmative action really says at a fundamental level is "Race counts". The message we are trying to get across with anti-racism laws is that "Race does NOT count".
  18. Dec 12, 2003 #17
    Being an atheist, I am in a comfortable position to see either side of the Israeli/Palestine issue. As for your point about the Israelis taking Palestinian land, go back a few centuries more and it was actually the Arabs taking Israeli land. The Israelis are just...returning home.

    I think it is unfortunately true that many Black people have a chip on their shoulder because of the unjust treatment they had in the past. Whether or not they could forget it is not the point - they aren't. Just the other day, a close friend of mine was accused by a black driver of racism just because she was reserving a parking space for a friend. I mean, WTH?! Can we even park a car without being accused of being racist?

    Then theres the issue that police officers in the UK don't want to do as many stop & searches on black people because of being accused of racism. The result: the proportion of white/blacks in the population and stop & searches to that ratio is skewed in favour of blacks. More inverse racism.
  19. Dec 12, 2003 #18
    well put, tyro.
    I was reserving that post space for my friend though.
    Hah! I see now. You took the space because I'm American!
    Oh ya? Well I'm not to fond of people with the letter, "T" in their username either.
  20. Dec 12, 2003 #19
    Affirmative action will be necessary until we start making opportunities equal...which is more of a class issue, but due to centuries of slavery and institutional racism minorities generally start life far behind white people.
  21. Dec 12, 2003 #20
    Its' simple really. Any group that gets time in front of the television cameras will influence politicians, and they will influence school policy. So if you want relatively equal treatment, first you need to complain about everything in front of the TV cameras.

    Regarding the African slave trade (from a documentary I have on video and from my sociology notes):
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