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Rack and pinion calculation

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    Can anyone help me in designing rack and pinion gears and their formulae....steering ratio of my steering=9.23 ,the load that on front =1500N...I.e.,load to move by pinion ,torque on pinion is 9Nm...that torque was caluclated based on tyre pressure ,friction between tyres,front axle max load,i.e., T=(2*co-efficient of friction*Wf^1.5)/(√(π*p))....was that correct??....c factor =2.19 in . (c factor = 2*module*Zp(pinion teeth)) ...pls help in module finding,teeth selection on pinion,pitch,i heard linear force,speed of pinion ,linear speed of rack...((angular velocity of pinion/linear velocity of rack)=1/radius of pinion) are all required for designing ryt....i dont know how to caluclate linear force those and all....plz help ....I m almost in deadline...hope someone will lift me... Tq :)
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    I have to submit my reports by end of this month...nd I have started new thread with the values I have..
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