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RADAR - Radio Detection and Ranging . Can we use the same technique on

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    RADAR - Radio Detection and Ranging . Can we use the same technique on a smaller scale :rolleyes: ?

    I mean to measure the relative velocity between two vehicles :smile: ?

    Are there any good sources on internet where I can get information in detail about the working of RADAR system :confused: ?
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    Police use radar to measure velocity of automobiles - very common in modern industrial societies. Radar units may be mounted in the car or are hand held.

    Police Radar

    Microwaves, Radar

    Radar systems can be mounted on cars to monitor distance between the cars. Research is underway to look at intelligent crash-avoidance systems.

    In another application of radar, modern railroad locomotives use radar systems to measure velocity of the locomotive and these data are used by a computer to match wheel rim speed to the speed of the locomotive in order to reduce wheel slip (which reduces wear on the wheel and rails).
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    Already here: Mercedes SmartCruise
    Pretty slick for the first generation of such devices.

    The enabling technology for such things is Radar-on-a-Chip. Also very slick.
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    I'm thinking he wants to build one. I don't have any help for that though.
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    Astronuc, russ_watters,Mk all of you : thanks a lot !

    But there are some bad news, my proposal for this project has been rejected :-( .
    I'll do some other theoretical project which requires some programming, which one, I will tell when the time comes.

    Anyway, sorry if I hurt you guys.
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