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Homework Help: Radial acceleration of the earth

  1. Oct 30, 2004 #1
    I need to find the radial acceleartion of the earth @ the equator

    a= [1041m/s)^2]/6378000m
    a= 0.17 m/s^2

    is this correct?
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    whoops, did that wrong

    okay...the equation to find radial acceleartion is a=v^2/r

    v=the velocity the earth is traveling at, which I looked up was 1041mi/hr at the equator. This then converts to 17.35 mi/s and then 28 km/s.

    Then for r, I looked up that the radius of the earth is 6378km. Then...
    a= [28km/s)^2]/6378km
    a=0.1229 km/s^2
    a=122.9 m/s^2

    I am still confused...did I do this correct?
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