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Radial Electromagnet

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    Does anyone here know how to make a radial electromagnet? I'm trying to figutr out how I would wind the coils. I want to make a doughnut magnet with a single north pole on the inside diameter and a south pole on the outside diameter. It will be critical that the field on the inside diameter is smooth, and not bumpy. Any help/ suggestions would be appreciated :-).

    Jason O
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    I don't think that field shape makes sense, Jason. Could you post a sketch of what you want the field lines to look like? Do you just want a flat field in a volume?
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    Hi, I attached a sketch of what I mean. The picture is of a permanent magnet but I am trying to create the same thing as an electromagnet.

    - Jason O

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    Hi Jason, I don't think you can topologically wind a continuous electromagnet as you've sketched. But you can segment it into a number of radial electromagnets, and arrange them each aiming in the radial direction. That's probably the closest approximation you'll get. BTW, the field for the permanent magnet you've sketched is pretty ugly -- no where near flat in the inner region of the donut. What field shape are you trying to generate?
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    I'm not sure I understand what you are asking me about the field. Yes, I want the field to be curved like the inside radius of the picture I showed you.

    Jason O
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