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I am to write a program using "shooting method"
to solve schrodinger radial equation with Coulomb potential.
I've already written the code but it doesn't work well.
I will be very thankful if someone would be so kind as to take
a look at my code(I can send it by e-mail) or give me some
advices what can be wrong.

To make everything clear :

I assume h=1, m=1

program finds function K(r) and then
R(r)(which is solution of schr. radial eq.) from the formula:
R(r) = K(r)/r

boundary conditions for K(r):
- close to zero K(r) behaves as r^(l+1)
- when values run to infinity the aproximation is : exp(-r*sqrt(-2*E))
and E is energy

I've implemented numerov algorithm and zero search method -
I've tried out this implementation for 1D schr. equation with some
potential (example taken from book "An introduction to
computational physics" Tao pang) and it seems to work well.

best regards

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