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Radial Velocity Data fitting

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    Hi all,
    I am attempting to find the best Keplerian fit to the Radial velocity data vs. Time such as this plot: http://austral.as.utexas.edu/planets/hd37605/hd37605.html
    I was wondering whether anyone could suggest some freeware that might be able to help me out. Any information would be helpful.
    If at all possible, suggestions for freeware that runs in windows would be awesome!
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    Do you have any interest in programming? If so, I could show you how to program such a beast yourself, so that it generates data that can be used to draw a similar graph in Gnuplot.
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    Sorry for bringing up the old post but....


    There is a program called Systemic Console that can be obtained @ www.oklo.org. There is a whole group of people that collaborate to find the best fits for a wide range of systems. And best of all, everything is free.


    I would be interested if you could provide some sort of basic writeup of what would be needed to write such a program. I have been somewhat interested in programing for a while (although my skills are still extremely limited) and that sounds like it would be a very interesting/educational project.
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