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Radial Velocity of the Sun

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    Does anyone know where to find a value for the radial velocity of the Sun wrt the Earth? I've tried googling, but it always gives the radial velocity wrt the LSR.

    Thanks muchly!
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    Since the Earth orbits the Sun in an eliptical orbit, the Sun's radial velocity with respect to the Earth would vary over the course of a year.
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    Hey, thanks.

    Yes, I appreciate that, but I'm looking for a rough figure/time average, just to compare to my wildly inaccurate value obtained from labs.

    Do you know anywhere where I can find this?
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    At its maximum it is about 500 meters/sec, and at its minimum 0 meters/sec. Minimums happen in Winter and Summer, maximums in Spring and Fall.
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    Ok, thanks a lot. :smile:

    I guess my value of 18 km/s is a tiny bit out then! :rofl:
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    18 km/s is about the velocity of the Sun relative to the Local Standard Rest Frame, ie. the speed of the sun relative to the other stars in our region of the Galaxy.
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