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Homework Help: Radians circles

  1. Feb 16, 2012 #1

    for part b i'm not sure how to do it

    any hints on how to do it? Ive tried using sine rule etc but i'm just guessing, and i'm pretty sure there is a more simple method.
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  3. Feb 16, 2012 #2
    Re: Radians/circles

    Hint: What is the relation between the angles DAB and DAC?
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    Re: Radians/circles

    Right well I got this, i'm not sure if its right. DAB and DAC are equal so lets call DAB "a", 2pi = 2.2 + 2a so 2pi - 2.2 / 2 = a which is pi - 1.1 = 2.04?
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    Re: Radians/circles

    That's right, and I believe your math is correct too.

    Since all three sides of the triangles are congruent:
    [itex]\overline{DB}\cong\overline{DC}[/itex] given
    [itex]\overline{BA}\cong\overline{AC}[/itex] because they are the same length
    [itex]\overline{AD}\cong\overline{AD}[/itex] trivial, they share a common line
    Then the corresponding angles in the triangles must also be congruent.
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