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Radians to vector notation

  1. Jun 19, 2009 #1
    The arc length of a circle is radius times the angle between the two radius legs that connect the arc. Thus
    dL = R d@

    and dF = I dL x B where B and dL and dF are vectors.

    how can I convert dL = R d@ into vector notation so that I can simplify these two expressions??
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    seems an odd question, and further ellaboration is needed.

    By the sounds of it, maybe you should just use cylindrical r or spherical co-ordinates.

    You should google cylindrical co-odinates. There are standard formulas and fudge factors involved, that will get you to your "vector" co-ordinates.

    When you say "Vector" do you mean Cartesian co-ordinates?

    If this is in relation to a hw problem, please post the whole question
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    (Don't know if you've gotten it since, but...) As far as I'm aware, s = [tex]\theta[/tex]R, where s is the arc length, [tex]\theta[/tex] is the angle, and R is the radius, is entirely scalar. I can only see it "becoming a vector," if that makes sense, if you break literally everything up into components.

    Could you please post the whole question?
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