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Radiation Blocker

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    I've seen devices in stores that supposed to be put on cell phones to prevent "radiation" from harming you. Is there any truth to this claim or is it just a scam?
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    That they block radiation - possibly, but if they block enough the phone won't work, the off switch serves a similair function
    Or they prevent radiation harming you - no
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    I wonder if they consider the radio waves emitting from the phone to be "radiation".
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    I don't know. I actually need something from an authoritative source disproving the claim though.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You have things a little backwards. You should require proof that they work, not proof that they don't work. If the manufacturer can't provide this information, then what does that tell you?

    They should be able to provide proof of testing by a qualified and recognized lab.
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    I know. I was actually hoping that you guys could provide some reports or something to disprove the claim. I personally think that those devices are bs, but I'm trying to persuade someone else that they are.
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