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Radiation Health Physics

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    I am thinking about enrolling in the online Radiation Health Physics Masters program at Oregon State University. Does anyone know of this program and whether it's credible or not?
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    I know Oregon State has an accredited medical physics program and I believe they have a strong health physics program, but I'm not sure if those are the same thing. If you intend to go into health physics, then I'm sure an online MSc could be done, but I would be curious to know how they deal with the practical aspects of teaching you health physics. Would they show you how to calibrate a survey meter for example?
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    Oregon state has a one week on campus instrumentation lab. I am a nuclear medicine technologist so I am also familiar with radiation instrumentation. Would I be able to get a job after completion of Masters in Radiation Physics? I will be eligible to take part 1 of CHP exam after completing the masters program. However how good is the job market for radiation health physics? $27000.00 is a big investment for masters in radiation physics degree.
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