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Radiation heat transfer (V-shaped and rect cavity)

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    I need help with this problem,

    Find radiosity B as a function of coordinates (x,y) over a V-shape or rectangular cavity. Consider the two walls and the surroundings to constitute an enclosure. Without any loss of generality, the cavity can have a unit depth. The temperature and emittance for the cavity walls have constant values. Calculate the effective emittance
    {using equation, ε/ε a = Q/Qb = Q/(σAo(Tw^4 – Too^4)) } as a function of the local emittance for configurations selected from the following figures,


    ε = Common emittance
    ε a = Apparent emittance
    Q = Effective emissive power of the cavity
    Qb = Radiant emission of a black surface stretched across the opening of the black walled cavity
    Ao = Area of fictitious surface stretched across cavity opening
    Tw = Wall temperature
    Too (Tinfinity) = External environment temperature
    σ = Stefan Boltzmann’s constant
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