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Radiation heat transfer with FEMLAB

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    I want to simulate radiation heat transfer between two surfaces which are in the vacuum using FemLab3.1. However, the heat transfer module only consider conduction and convection. Some additional examples I found incorporate radiation (with surace-to-surface option) but they need a conduction term and I dont know how joint them for using in multiphysics mode (and exploit 3D characteristics).
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    Hi WhyNot !

    I'm wondering whether you can solve your problem via an "innovative" definition of heat fluxes (perhaps parametrized properly etc. functional dependencies) or whether you need to apply the coupling variables in your problem - the coupling variables of Femlab enables you to build complex coupled systems which for one will in all likelihood do the job in this case if other means don't. So do you want to use the other surface just as a "ambient heat sink" for radiation or couple the radiation heat transfers for example over a period of time and such in your problem? The first is simpler, the 2nd can be done using the coupling variables technique.
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