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Homework Help: Radiation help

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    Alpha particles with an RBE of 13 deliver a 32 mrad whole-body radiation does to a 69 kg patient.

    A) What dosage, in rem, does the patient receive?

    B) How much energy is absorbed by the patient?

    Can anyone help me with this problem? Stuck from the beginning..
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    Hi keweezz,

    A good place to start would be to define the terms. What is a rad? What does RBE mean, and how is it used?
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    Radiobiological Effectiveness for RBE i believe..and mrad is a unit like a millimeter.
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    Yes, a mrad is a milli-rad. But my questions was, what is a rad? Answering that will allow you to get half the problem done.

    I think RBE stands for relative biological effectiveness; but those are just the words. How is the RBE factor used?
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    hm.. how is it used..? any thoughts?
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