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Radiation of an antenna

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    does anyone know about a paper by a guy called Chu in 1948 describing the radiation q of a electrically small antenna. In it he using Hankel functions to describe the radiation wave of a small antenna. I was wondering if there is another other functions that can describe the same process

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    This question is strange.

    If you know the uniqueness theorem, then you would have known that for a particular geometry and boundary condition, the solution that you obtain is unique up to an additive constant. So asking of one can describe the same thing using "other functions" is rather puzzling.

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    antenna radiation

    well as far as i know the solutions are in the form of hankel functions which describe the inward and outward propagating waves. Is it possible that these solutions can be represented by half order integer bessel functions
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    Claude Bile

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    Hankel functions are linear combinations of Bessel functions from memory, so yes, it should be possible in theory.

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