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Radiation on Mars

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    Some article made mention of intense radiation on Mars. Does that mean Mars lacks a magnetosphere? I figured it would be about like earth, with a molten iron core.
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    Mars is much smaller than Earth and the heat that kept the core and mantle molten was lost much quicker than here on Earth. As a result, the planetary dynamo that powers Earth's magnetic field died off long ago on Mars.

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    Did you try Googling "mars magnetosphere"? Or do you want us to Google it for you.
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    If you're wonder and concern about "intense radiation" stems from considering that it might forbid manned exploration or perhaps more importantly, colonization, perhaps you will be glad to know that "intense" is rather overstating the case. Even with present technology it is still possible. Here's a synopsis http://www.mars-one.com/faq/health-and-ethics/how-much-radiation-will-the-settlers-be-exposed-to.

    MarsOne has been an ardent supporter of manned exploration of Mars so they do have an agenda, but the math and the standards look good. Also, given the expense and the sheer exposure to chance on a 210 day journey versus one substantially less than a week, it is likely we will revisit our Moon before any real attempt is made on Mars, so we will learn a great deal more of the risks and mitigation by then.
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