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Homework Help: Radiation penetration

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Calculate minimum thickness of concrete wall of radiation room (2X2X2) such that radiographer doesnt exceed dose limit. Use info below.

    X ray reading surface of patient (50 cm from source) = exposure= 4.29 X 10[tex]^{}-4[/tex]

    effective energy of x ray beam = 40 kev

    40% of x rays are transmitted

    does limit =7.5 mGy per anum

    linear attenuation coeficent = 1.16 cm

    scattered radiation increases does by 5%

    wair/e = 33.97
    [tex]\mu[/tex]/[tex]\rho[/tex]=6.83x 10[tex]^{}-5[/tex]

    50 x rays taken per day

    2. Relevant equations

    intensity =1/d^2

    I (X) = I0e µx

    exposure X = dq/dm = [tex]\psi[/tex].([tex]\mu[/tex]/[tex]\rho[/tex]).e/wair

    3. The attempt at a solution

    well, You have to find the intensity(no of photons)/radiation of the x ray beams after passing through the patient. Using this you can calculate the thickness needed using the linear attenutation coefficent.

    What I dont get is how the expousre and effective energy relate to the intensity of the beam after passing through the patient and how this changes as the distance increases
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