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Radiation Safety Manual

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    " 'New Mexico State University Radiation Safety Manual', is a program prepared by Katrina D. Doolittle with assistance from Trina F. Witter in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Broad Scope Type AB Radioactive Materials License issued to New Mexico State University.

    This document is a compilation of much policy original to the 1981 NMSU Radiation Safety Manual, practice and procedures developed by Katrina Doolittle, Radiation Safety Officer and radiation training information kindly supplied by Keith Carsten, Texas A & M Environmental Health and Safety Department. This manual complies with the provisions of 20 NMAC 3.1, State of New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations as written by the Hazardous and Radioactive Bureau, Radiation Licensing and Registration Section of the New Mexico Environment Department."

    http://www.nmsu.edu/~safety/programs/rad_safety/radman/radman00_toc.htm [Broken]

    This may be of use to those interested in some basics of radiation and radiactivity.

    Key Words: Radiation Safety, Health Physics, Radiological Health
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