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Radiator Comparisons

  1. May 6, 2008 #1
    I need to compare two remote heat exchangers (HE) of the cross-flow finned tube air & glykol 37%. The HE vendors provided me with basic stat sheets from factory testing. My issue is that the volumetric flow rates for the factory testing are different from the cooling circuit I have to place the HE in. Is there a practical way for me to determine the performance of these HEs in my cooling circuit? This is a two circuit HE, but my concern is with the high temperature circuit.

    Cooling circuit parameters known
    temp in
    temp out
    flow rate
    heat to be dissipated
    ambient temp = 122F

    Heat exchanger parameters known from factory testing
    temp in (both sides)
    temp out (both sides)
    air flow
    face velocity
    heat exchanged
    flow rate
    ambient temp = 122F

    thank you for your help
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