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Radical Ideal Computation

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    I was wondering, if there is some good and easy to use computer programm, that, given a set of polynomials, tells me if they generate a radical ideal. Preferably as a Mathematica package.
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    Hi GargleBlast42,

    I'm not that familiar with these types of problems, but I know that Mathematica implements Groebner bases for sets of polynomials - so it should be able to do this natively. Try this http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/tutorial/ComplexPolynomialSystems.html" [Broken].

    The open source CAS http://www.sagemath.org/" [Broken].

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    GargleBlast42, I presume that you are associated with a university. Most math departments (that I've seen) have magma available for free.

    It's awesome for this, and many other, symbolic algebra problems. If you continue with algebra, it's a really good tool to have at your disposal.
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