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Radical Selfish Biocosm

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    Ivan Seeking

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    radical “Selfish Biocosm”

    Anyone heard of this?


    PDF link with the foreword and outline.
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    I dont have have any info on this subject but you have 13 views so i decided to make a post.[zz)]
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    Ivan Seeking

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    thanks. It's tough to compete with "sexual energy".
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    This is actually an ancient shamanistic belief and nothing new. Taoists shamans thought rocks and such came alive underground and slowly worked their way up to the surface, evolving into more complex lifeforms along the way. For them, everything is alive and this is still a common belief. My nic name, Wu Li, is the chinese word for physics and literally translates as "patterns of organic energy."
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    actually, this is something my dad and i talked about when i was wicked little. i don't know where or how he found out about it, but i remember just a lot of talk about cirlces.
    time wasn't linear it when in a circle. the unverise now was once before and will be again. we are now what we once were and will be again. it was a lot of that. he got into some physics things too, but i was really young, i was in elementary school, so most of that was above me. he went into relativity, which i did understand then (i did an einstein project.) and a whole lot more. actually, for a long time, i thought every knew thats how the universe was. course, i also thought every one how to channel energy into crystals and that the white light will forever and always protect you if you call upon it....

    anyways, ivan i'm so sorry. i just can't understand why everyone's so much more intrested in 'sexual energy' next time i'll label it something like 'nothing having anything to do with sex' hehe, maybe that'll help draw attention to the much more important threads... :wink:
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