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Radio control tutorials

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    hey i m kinda new at making radio controls..... just made a simple RC with a 2 bit Tx- Rx kit that i got from a local shop.... all my robots are wired... so i want to move on to a proper radio control(coz they dont teach RC makin in mechanical engineering:cry: :cry: ) .....
    can anyone suggest me some tutorials for RC building(for maybe about 6-7 controls , coz currently i m making an all terrain vehicle, a small one, about 80cmX80cm, so i need controls for throttle,brakes,clutch,gear shift, steer )
    plzzzzzzz help........
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    Hobby shops will carry transmitters and receivers with many channels. They're usually marketed for model aircraft. The receiver output uses a pulse-width system, which will work directly with any servo or motor controller designed for rc use.
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