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Radio frequency antennaa

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    could anyone help me by giving information about radio frequency antennas if possible provide me powerpoint pesentation
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    Do you know Balanis Antenna theory is a 1000+ pages book on this subject? If you have a specific question, you can ask. But this is not exactly a good place to ask about antenna.
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    Here are some good links to how an antenna radiates. If you need specific information, there are alot of people here that know alot about antennas and RF radiation.

    http://w4trc.org/dipoles/dipoles-2.pdf [Broken]
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    Fact is no one else join in speak louder than anything else. I am currently studying antenna theory for the last two months after a few years studying EM and all the math.

    I am looking for a place I can ask question also. This is a very specialized subject and you need to be very good in EM and ED also. The short electric dipole, loop magnetic dipole and even the wave guide horn antenna are just the beginning of this complicated subject. They are just barely the building block of antenna. That is the reason I don't want to point to any simple explanation that you might be mislead to think it is just that easy.....it is not. It all start from EM, even if you really master the undergrad EM, you are only barely getting a good start. You really need a class of Microwave design to get into transmission lines, phasors and different parameters ( Z, Y, ABCD and S) etc. I don't know of any other way to put it. I studied 3 separate EM and ED books and Microwave electronics just to prepare for this topic alone.

    I don't mean to be dis-respect to this forum. I have questions before and I think it is better to look for a forum that specialize in RF and EM to give help in this topic.

    Sorry. I apologize to this forum.
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    jim hardy

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    My favorite antenna reference is the one written for Amateur Radio enthiusiasts - "Hams".
    It is called "ARRL Antenna Handbook".

    It starts out with the basic electrical theory and has detailed instructions how to build antennas using practical hardware store materials.

    you can get really overwhelmed trying to do vector calculus equations if you just go buy a textbook.

    this ARRL book will give you a working knowledge, and i think that's what you are after.
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