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Radio interview by yours truly

  1. May 18, 2006 #1

    Today we had a rally on our campus against racist violence. The last few months in Belgium have been marked by a series of incidents, the worst of which was the murder of three people last week in Antwerp by an 18 year old boy who was apparently inspired by racist propaganda.

    As one of the organisers, I got a call from a Brussels radiostation this morning, asking for an interview. You can listen to it here (the page seems to be loading slowly at the moment)


    Just click the link "Luister" with the speaker next to it.

    I'm sorry that it is in Dutch, but at least you can get an idea as to what my voice sounds like :biggrin:
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    I did not know that things had become so bad, is this a trend or just a hot spot ?
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    You sound very authoritative and have a good public-speaking voice. Unfortunately, I can't understand a word of it. :frown:
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    Sounds really great! Tho I don't understand it either. Your speaking voice is very nice.
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    alleh da ist zeer plezant :wink:
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    Nou zeg, ik vond het harstikke gezellig... :biggrin:

    Maybe a bit more background is in order.

    The last few months saw a couple of incidents that were clearly racist in nature. A couple of neo-nazi thugs beat up a black guy and his friend in Bruges, the house of a Moroccan family was torched down in Kortrijk, and last week a 18yo boy, who just got expelled from his school, took to the streets of Antwerp with a hunting rifle he had just bought. He gunned down a Turkish woman, a black woman and the little (white) girl she was taking care of.

    A problem we have in Flanders is that the party "Vlaams Belang" is now the largest party. Its forerunner was banned for being openly racist, and had it's roots in the WWII-area fascist movement. Like all populist parties in Europe, it is using fear and hate-mongering to draw the malcontent vote. A few organisations at my university, including the Student's Counsil of which I am the vice-president, decided that we would symbolically hold a minute silence, to denounce racist violence and to express our sympathy with the family of the victims. That's the gist of it.
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    I'm proud to see you take a stand on this.

    Also, you have a great voice. :!!)
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    Thanks dear :biggrin:
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