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Radio static

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    I noticed that with my radio sometimes when I am getting static if I bring my hand close to the antenna, the radio suddenly becomes clear and I can hear the station very clearly.I can either touch the antenna with some metal, or more dramatically, I just bring my hand close to the antenna, not even touching it. Im sure this has to do with em waves but I dont know what
    Does anybody have an explanation?

    ive attached a video to show u what i mean.
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    Your body is emitting electromagnetic radiation. Stop that, it bothers my filings.

    I would say it has to do with the way your body is coupling with the antenna. Sometimes you can use a reflector to direct waves toward a receiver. For example, a Yagi-Uda or log-periodic dipole antennas have dummy wires (or non-resonant wires that will act as dummies) that reflect the wave back to the receiving dipole. This reflection will strengthen the received waves if done properly, increasing the directivity of the antenna. Or, the radio antenna relies on the ground to make an image to work. Since your body or metal objects may also have the same relationship. In this case, you again behave as a dummy antenna which can couple with the radio affecting its performance.
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