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Radio Transmission Distance

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    I need a help with a question. we want to implement a commercial radio station with proper licensing in Bangladesh. the regulatory board allow maximum 10kW transmitter and highest 16db by combining 6db antenna each or 40 ERP. how many KM/mile we can cover with this spec or what will be the transmitting range?
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    To help get you on the right path:

    The easiest to use model for calculating propogation loss is Hata's model:


    You can plug your data into it and calculate the loss at different distances in dB. But, if you want to know maximum range what you need to know is the power required at the receiving end to get a clear signal and this I do not know.

    Obviously it will depend on if you are doing AM or FM radio (I am assuming you are doing FM). I am sure there is some accepted value, but I do not know what it is and didn't see anything in a quick search of the internet.
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