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Radio transmitter for Zune

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    I purchased a radio transmitter for my Zune, and it takes quite a bit of work to get it to function properly.

    I have not been taught much about how radio waves function or why my transmitter is behaving the way it is, so help me find a solution to my problem!

    When my radio transmitter (something that's plugged into the audio output jack on my Zune, so I can tune in and listen on my radio) is plugged in, in order for it to work correctly I must hold the transmitter in my hand without touching my Zune. If I don't touch the transmitter, all I hear is static. If I touch the transmitter AND touch the Zune, all I hear is static.

    Why does this happen, and is there any way to fix it?
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    Well, it sounds like it is using you as a ground or an antenna. Is the transmitter connected to the car's power supply? Is the transmitter located physically near the car's antenna? (line of sight helps too)
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    The transmitter is not connected to the power supply. Is there any way to ground the transmitter without me holding it? Would doing something like wrapping a copper wire and attaching it to my car's frame work?
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    I've tried different arrangements in my car to help it get better line of sight, but it doesn't really seem to make much difference. I HAVE to be touching it somewhere or else I hear mostly static. I was going to try and ground it to my car's frame with some copper wire... but I didn't think that'd work because I wouldn't be able to get very good contact with the transmitter.

    Any ideas?
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