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Radio transmitter

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    I am looking for a radio transmitter to transmit altitude. I don’t need one that comes with an altimeter. The altimeter will change in voltage as altitude changes, so the transmitter just has to transmit that data to a receiver. The transmitter must have a range of atleast 100 kilometers. It should be as light weight as possible including it’s battery power source.
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    thats 62 Miles !!
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    I suppose a transmitter would be impractical.
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    ya think ?
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    How about a cell phone?
    you could probably use it to send data at 56k b/s ..
    meaning once a day or twice , you could have it call and download you the info it has ..
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    What application will this be used for? Is the altimeter at a fixed location? How high? Are you doing this for your own experiment?

    If you know a radio amateur, many are licensed to operate transceivers that range 100km and more.
    This may give you some ideas - high-altitude balloon flights with amateur radio equipment.
    Since they are using a weather baloon, their payload is designed to be lightweight. They are measuring altitudes up to 12,000 m. If you were planning something like this, you would have greater effective radiated power (ERP), and therefore not need as much transmitter power to cover 100km.
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    Dont cell phones only have a range of a couple miles?
    Maybe I could use one of those military phones with the 1' antenna
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    I see, perhaps this is related to your query on floating into space. Is your receiver going to be located 100km away?

    You might consider a design similar to balloon guys I mentioned. All their payload instruments are sensors on ICs that feed into the microprocessor. Telemetry of all the data including altitude may be transmitted via radio beacon. If you wrote to them, I am guessing they would put you on the right track in designing a similar package.

    I don't know what part of the world you are in. If you are not a licensed amateur radio operator, there may be frequencies coordinated in your country that don't require special licensing to use, usually at lower transmitting power.
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