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Radio Waves

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    They are the lowest frequency, largest wavelenght.

    Whenether they cause leukemie or anything unhealthy. I do not know. But I am not one of those people that assumes enormous amounts of energetic particles hitting my body is harmless. This doesn't mean I believe it is bad but that it may very well be bad, a little bad over quite bad on long term. Research will answer.
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    Ordinary radio waves are tens of meters long; they are longer than your body! It seems perverse to talk about "energetic particles" in this context. Even UHF waves are tens of centimeters long, like several inches; not something that's going to slip into some cell's DNA.
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    Yes, I meant lower frequencies and higher wavelengths.

    Aren't we being bombarded with more natural radiation from outer space than the artificial broadcasts?
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    No atmosphere lifters them out. If it didn't we would probably not be alive.
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    Wikipedia has a really good article on ionizaing radiation, the radiation the type of radiation that is harmful

    Electromagnetic radiation in the "radio" spectrum is not ionizing radiation (it does not have enough energy and is not the property wavelength), so it is extremely unlikely they have anything to do with cancer.

    We are being "bombarded" by radiation from distant stars. Not all of this is filtered out.
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    We are being bombarded by secondary cosmic radiation which IS energetic particles (muons and such), and IS ionizing. If you live in mile-high Denver you get a heavier dose than if you live in lowland Providence, Rhode Island. But you don't see the Coloradans keeling over from radiation poisoning. We evolved under this rain of particles. Our bodies have strong defenses, cellular repair programs and apoptosis of unrecoverable cells, to cope with it.
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