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Homework Help: Radioactive Elements - HELP!

  1. Dec 2, 2007 #1
    Hello, this is my first time posting....

    We're working on a cartoon for science class, and I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to a bit of a dilemma I have...

    If you take a single fragile, radioactive element and bond it with another fragile, radioactive element, is there a good chance it'll explode or collapse or in some other way violently explode????

    That probably sounds weird but I'm in dire need of knowing. (Dire need of knowing? Ah well.)


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    Not good, no. You need to smash them together to make a very unstable radioactive element. Otherwise they decay according to their half-life.

    (P.S. wrong section, it'll probably get moved eventually.)
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    What does one mean by fragile? Elements are not fragile.

    As Asphodel mentioned, simply combining elements (actually atoms of given elements) does not affect their radioactivity, which is a nuclear property, not a chemical property. Each radionuclide has a characteristic decay rate or half-life, and that does not change as a result of a chemical reaction.
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